Smokey Eyes – One Of The Best Styles To Have At Your Disposal

92e275662b0903b4a7898043b7494254When you look at the runway, you will often see smokey eyes on the models. This style translates into a high glamor look that works well in so many different situations. However, many women don’t know how to do this style and dismiss it as too hard. This removes one of the most versatile styles available from one’s repertoire and limits many other fashion options as well.

Fashion blogs and magazines often describe the style as bold, dramatic, class, sophisticated, and dramatic. Many times the smokey look merely sets the stage for other makeup that well and truly pops giving new life to otherwise old styles. Many makeup artists will actually refer to this style as one of the most basic because they literally use it as a base for their most bold looks.

Getting started with the smokey eyed look is easy, you need relatively few supplies, and should be able to achieve the look in just a few minutes. Some women wear this look every day and able to complete their eyes in five minutes or less each and every day. For those of you who know how to do cat eyes make up, you should have no problem doing the smokey eyes as those 2 go hand in hand.

First gather up your supplies and get a well lit space with a mirror. You will need three or more shades of eyeshadow that are all somewhat close together. The color is up to you, but the traditional color is black and many people feel most comfortable learning with this color first. A good set of makeup brushes and an eyeliner for finishing off the look are also important.

Make sure that you have applied all your other makeup before beginning with this eye look. The only exception is lipstick as you won’t muss the eyes when applying this makeup.

First apply the lightest color to the inside corner of your eyelid on both sides, sweep it up towards your eyebrows all the way to the beginning of the brows. Then take the medium shade and blend it over the entire eyelid, taking care to blend with the first color, make sure it doesn’t reach all the way to the brows like the first color. Finally, use the darkest color on the outside corner of the eye sweeping inwards in a slight curve so that it eventually meets with your crease, do not put it on the inner 1/2 of your eyelid.

Make sure that you blend everything in and you will have a very basic smokey eye look. Your eyes should look bright, mysterious, and ready for a day or night of fun.

Check out this quick video tip for smokey eyes